Keep it Simple

picked up a copy of a book I've been looking out for, for some time, today... 

Keep it Simple by Harmut Esslinger. Esslinger founded frog design who worked for Apple in the early stages of their history on products like the Apple II and Macintosh. The book is packed with photos and drawings of amazing designs and prototype models. Some I'd seen before, in Paul Kunkels sadly out of print book Apple Design, but in much greater numbers and in better reproductions. 

There's some amazingly prescient concepts here, I'm looking forward to reading the body text too to understand the process. I'd proudly carry/have on my desk most of these products today. Such beautiful designs. 

I got my copy from Foyles on Charing Cross Road. If you can, grab a copy from your nearest book seller and try to stem the tide of Amazon at least somewhat. It's the sort of book that works better in a physical copy too, ebook just haven't seemed to get to the place where they are usable for this sort of publication and offer a compelling alternative.

Anyway, here's that ISBN: 978-3-89790-407-1


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