Multipeer Networking @ NSLondon

I'm super-late in posting this, no excuse other than busy.

I was fortunate to be invited to talk at NSLondon 12, on the subject of the multipeer networking API's in iOS (and soon OS X). I can wax lyrical about how enthusiastic I am for both the implementation itself and the potential they unlock, but I'll let the content do the talking.

NSLondon 12 Video

Slides on Speaker Deck

I mention it in the talk but it's worth reiterating, that Daniel has done a superb job of making NSLondon a must-attend event and a great rallying point for the iOS community. I completely forgive for hiring away one of my colleagues :)

Also! He's organising an iOS conference in October, CmdRConf. If you can make it you totally should, I'll see you there.

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