Project update

It's been too long since I posted last. I actually have stuff in draft I will post soon but haven't finished writing. Basically very busy but wanted to give an update on LocalTalk and it's progress.

A lot has been achieved toward the goal of shipping. 

A long standing bug around visibility of the users device in their own browser was fixed yesterday. It's a huge weight off as it the only real bug in the way of shipping (though I'm certain not the only real bug!) 

After some thought I decided that I could integrate iBeacons in a way that both added value to the app and also looked like all the functions are part of one larger purpose, as opposed to it appearing tacked on.

a lot of best practice stuff for my own peace of mind, as part of the whole reason for doing it is to learn, improve and have something to show my abilities. So abstraction, pragmas, refactoring, error handling and localizations are all constant and happening things.

Lastly I've been polishing the first run experience too, which led me to a problem which led me to posting on stack overflow, if anyone fancies having a go at answering it that would rock.






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