Let your drawings leap from the page with DeepDraw! 
Share your drawings with friends! Edit and perfect your drawings! 
DeepDraw allows you to edit individual lines in your drawings to change the width of the stroke and the depth the line above or below the surface. 
Please NOTE: DeepDraw requires Red/Blue 3D Glasses to see the 3D effect.

This app is a labour of love, and an idea that's been waiting to for me to find time to do for too long. 
So I've finally taken the time to write it and I'd love to hear your feedback.
Please take a moment to send your thoughts, especially if you find a bug or experience a crash.

You data is private

DeepDraw contains no code to send back usage data, user details or even crash logs.
I feel strongly that a users use of the app is their concern.
I don't need to know how often you run the app or how you use it, so I don't include anything that would send that data. In order to make the app better I can run user testing, ask for feedback as above and iterate to introduce improvements. 


Principal credit must go to my partner, Sally. She found a 3D drawing pad in museum shop and came up with the idea of doing an iOS version. We'd have worked on this together but she's super-busy being awesome with her own apps, so I dedicate this to her. Follow her on Twitter by @mostgood. At the same time follow me!

DeepDraw is built in Xcode, using Apple's Cocoa frameworks.

The app icon, start screens, the 3D glasses image and all the button icons in the app were made with the very excellent Sketch by Bohemian Coding.
Image manipulation after that was done with the equally awesome Pixelmator and optimisation on the PNG files was then completed by ImageOptim.