LocalTalk lets you talk to the people around you. No servers, no signups, no accounts.

Just open the app and browse for people around you. 

You can connect with Bluetooth, WiFi or both, no need for an internet connection, just be within wireless range and talk with up to 10 other LocalTalk-ers. LocalTalk uses the new technology in iOS7 to find the people around you using Bluetooth, connected WiFi or Ad-Hoc networks. Plus it'll bridge across them to create a network of friends around you. You don't need to connect to a server, there's no signup and no user account required.

How to use LocalTalk

Well first you need a unique name to display.
You can choose or own or use your Twitter handle, but don't worry, there's no connection to your account it's just a way to ensure your name's unique.
LocalTalk will prompt you with your Twitter names(s) and you can pick one or just choose your own.
LocalTalk will remember your choice so you don't have to re-enter it every time. Of course you can change it whenever you like.
Next you need people to talk to, so you'll get a screen showing you the people close by. Make sure you have Bluetooth and/or WiFi enabled to spread the search as wide as you can.
Once you find people, tap on their names to invite them, once they accept your invite tap Done.
Now you're into the chat. If you'd like to search for and invite more people, tap the search icon in the toolbar to bring up the browser again.
To export your data, simply tap the settings button on the start screen and then tap Export from the settings screen. You'll be able to email it yourself as a text file in a nice open format that you can use.
Talk away!

Why use LocalTalk?

I was at a conference in San Francisco. I was trying to find someone who was in another room. There were thousands of people milling around, so we'll never just run into one another. I tried to SMS: no network... I tried to email: outgoing internet was slammed. I could get on the network but not get out.
Then I realised I don't need to get out of the network to find someone who's on that network too.
As for you? Maybe you want to chat with friends at work, maybe you're trying to find your friend at a party or maybe you're just curious who's around you on the train or bus. Whatever it is, don't spend your data going all the way up to the cloud to find the person next to you, just use LocalTalk.

Your data is your data

I believe your data should be in your hands, in your control. LocalTalk doesn't require an account or a Facebook or Twitter account that gathers your information. LocalTalk also lets you export and save your data from the app in XML format so you can keep and own your conversations. Equally there's no analytics, nothing sending usage data to servers under a mountain guarded by the NSA. I don't want to know what time of day you use LocalTalk most or whether it's more popular in X than Y. There's one exception, I do collect data on crashes. It's anonymous and only seen by me, and used to improve the app. For this I use Crashlytics, go look them up if you'd like more details. Otherwise you're privacy is key and to sustain this I need your help. If you have problems or need help, just mail me. I'll try to respond to everyone I can.

The future

This is an app that I wanted to get right. So I'm starting small. A single 'room' and just text conversations. I plan to add file transfer, photo sending, camera interactivity, the usual suspects. If you have ideas that you think would be good to include, please get in touch. Because it's the start of something and I would like people to use it, I'm making it free. I might charge for it later, I might add features by in-app purchase. But for now, enjoy... and tell a friend, you need friends around you for LocalTalk.

I found a bug!

Probably, I'm only human :) Seriously, send me details of what it is and how you found it.


Wow, so many people to thank... @mostgood, without whom I'd not be where I am. My friends from the Apple store in Kingston, you've been like family and so this app is dedicated to you. @pavlo_cat, without whose constant need for food and strokes, I'd have written this in half the time.


The app icons, graphics and start screens were made with the very excellent Sketch by Bohemian Coding. Image manipulation after that was done with the equally awesome Pixelmator and optimisation on the PNG files was then completed by ImageOptim. The sound effect for push notification is 2F_hard, from a F Metallophone hard strike with a rubber mallet, by JamieBlam and made available under a Creative Commons Licence..